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We offer a selection of salamis that can be paired well with beer.


A selection of books can be found at BROUE HA HA containing a wide variety of information about beer.


At BROUE HA HA you will also find a selection of cheeses, sauces, mustards, nuts, pickles etc.

Glasses & Accessories

To all beer collectors, we sell a wide variety of beer glasses. Come have a look!


Because potato chips go well with beer …


We offer sauces from several companies. Mild, medium, strong, and extremely spicy. A few drops for every epicurean looking to enhance his favorite dishes.

Beer holder and wall plate

Beer holders and wooden wall plaques handmade in the Outaouais region. All equipped with a bottle opener and a humoristic or inspiring text.

Newland West coast coffee

West Coast is a great blend with fantastic tasting notes from the best Ethiopian and Colombian Arabica, floral, chocolate, fruity with hops aftertaste. For drip, French Press or Espresso brew.