Gift Cards:

- can only be used at our store.

- are offered at our store OR online

- if bought online, will be sent by mail to the buyer’s address OR the intended recipient’s address.

AT THE STORE: you may choose your own amount.

ONLINE: you may choose among the following amounts: $25, $50, $75, $100, $150 or $200.

Physical gift cards are put into a folder in which it is possible to write a message inside
(see below).

If sending the gift card to your address:

You will write the message yourself once you receive it.

If sending the gift card to someone else’s address:

Write your text in the box that pops up. We will write your message in the card folder for you.

Shipping fee for physical gift cards:

The shipping fee for physical gift cards is $1. Once on the payment page, in the "Shipping Method" section, simply check the "Physical Gift Card shipping" box.

N.B. You can also add a physical gift card, regardless of the amount, to your order of other products. If you meet the minimum purchase of $60 for products other than the physical gift card, we will be able to integrate it into your delivery. The delivery fee will then be the same as a regular delivery, which is $6.